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Graphic specialty cornhole bags are a great way to spice up your cornhole board sets and give you an extra set of bags for doubles games. Every cornhole board set that we sell comes with a set of cornhole bags that are available in a variety of colors and materials, but for those extra-special celebrations and themed games it’s great to have a set of bags that were made for the occasion.

With customizable colors and names, you can a set of Duck Cloth cornhole bags that will last you for years and will match whatever themed set of cornhole boards you have.

All of our specialty cornhole bags are American Cornhole Association compliant so that you can have a strong competitive game. Each of our specialty cornhole bags measures in at six inches by six inches. They are filled with 16 ounces of dried kernel feed corn to give them the proper weight that minimizes unintended bounce that other cornhole bag fillers don’t limit.

Duck Cloth is a heavy cotton woven canvas that is used for hardy smooth weave which prevents snagging and tearing. When you’re cornhole boards have been faithful participants in years of games, their proper wooden frames and face board can develop splinters that can and will snag on your cornhole bag. Our 10oz duck cloth is second only to leather when it comes to workwear fabrics and will shrug off everything but the most pointed abuse.

After our choice in cloth, we choose to use a triple stitch on the seams of our specialty cornhole bags. The sole and only reason for this that we know what a cornhole bag can go through in games and while they need to resist tears, they also need to keep their form through the years without losing their filling. The triple stitch is a premium stitch for durability so that no matter how hard you toss our specialty cornhole bags, they won’t break open.

We have specialty cornhole bags that will match any one of the speciality cornhole boards that we sell: Military Cornhole Boards, Wedding Cornhole Boards and our Flag Cornhole Boards are a perfect addition to your purchase.

You can choose to have them made from a large selection of colored Duck Cloth and many of them are customizable with names for those celebrations that require a special kind of touch.