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How to Care for Your Cornhole Equipment

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Just like any sports equipment, you want to keep your cornhole boards and bags in the best shape possible – especially if you participate in cornhole tournaments. These tips will help you keep your customized cornhole gear in great shape.

Cornhole Boards

  • Never store boards face to face – Storing your boards with the surfaces facing inward – it’s a great way to scrape the paint off. Store your boards with the backs together. Cover them with a tarp or cloth cover to prevent them from getting dirty and worn.
  • Keep them cool and dry – Your cornhole boards are made of wood, so store them in a cool, dry place where to prevent warping. Your boards are painted with exterior gloss paint, but moisture damage can still become an issue if you don’t store your boards correctly.
  • Be gentle – When setting up your boards and putting them away, never slam them down or throw them. They are built sturdily, but playing rough with them can still cause damage.

Cornhole Bags

  • Keep them cool and dry – Moisture can completely ruin your cornhole bags. They can develop mold and the inside materials can be ruined as well.
  • Keep them inside – Cornhole boards are filled with corn. If you leave them outside they can attract animals like squirrels that will rip your bags open to get at the yummy corn inside.
  • Freeze them – Freezing your cornhole bags for 24 hours on a regular basis can help your bags last longer. If you have room in your freezer, consider storing them there when not in use.

Cornhole Accessories

  • Store accessories in a dry place – Your cornhole accessories can grow mold, or materials can be ruined by moisture.
  • Turn them off – Be sure that your cornhole lights are turned off to prevent the battery from draining.

With these handy tips, your high quality, customizable cornhole gear will stay in pristine condition for years to come. See our FAQ for more information about our equipment.


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