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Most Distracting Ways to Heckle Your Opponent During Cornhole (Without Profanity)



Heckling is a proverbial pastime of all sports, Cornhole included. When the playing field gets heated, there’s nothing quite like hurling (friendly) insults at your opponent in attempts to throw them off their game. Let’s take a look at some ways you can heckle your opponent without going overboard and potentially damaging a friendship or relationship in the process.


This might be our favorite approach which is why we put it first on the list. Everyone has that one singer or songwriter they absolutely, positively cannot stand. For some it may be Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, for others, it could be Axl Rose or Macklemore. If you know your opponent well enough, knowing which artist/song gets on their nerves is one of the biggest tools you can have in your arsenal.

Now, if you choose to go this route you have to go all-in and deliver the song properly. That means using your diaphragm, hitting all the high notes, and projecting your voice so that even the neighbors hear you. Using this approach properly is sure to annoy your opponent or, at the very least, embarrass them a bit.


This is where the fun starts, especially if you’re a witty person. Remember how humiliated you were the first time someone made fun of you in elementary school? Well, it hurts just as much when you’re an adult and now it’s your time to shine. If you can find some way to make your opponent self-conscious or put them down in a friendly manner that still gets a reaction from the nearby crowd, you will surely put a dent in their concentration. A Cornhole game is the perfect place to utilize this tactic.

Tell them their pants make them look like a dork or how about that polka-dot shirt that is practically begging you to make fun of it? These are perfect examples. If you want to get even more under their skin, you could take the infamous Sandlot route and tell them they “throw like a girl.” The wonderful thing about friendly banter is that there are so many different ways that the game could unfold that there are practically infinite possibilities of things you can potentially come up with to wreck your opponents focus.


This one may be a bit harder if you don’t put thought into it beforehand, but you can still come up with something clever if you think on your feet. Find a napkin, ask a friend for a pen or marker, and make a silly, family-friendly sign or grab some nearby grass and do a silly dance. The only objective here is to draw your opponent’s attention elsewhere. During Cornhole concentration is key, if you can successfully throw your opponent an unexpected distraction you greatly increase your chances of victory. Sure, you may lose some credibility among your friends if you dance skills aren’t up to par, but what’s more important? Your ego or the victory?!


Regardless of the way you choose to heckle and distract your opponent, make it count. Preparation is vital if you want to carry your team to victory so do your homework if you must. Your opponent’s social media pages are great places to start, but if you don’t have much time to prepare, you can always just rattle the first thing that comes to your mind, as long as it’s PG-rated, of course. Nobody will want to be on the other side of your Cornhole banter if you pick your spots and make them count.

Now the next time you play Cornhole you have a few weapons in your arsenal that can move you that much closer to victory. Don’t forget to show off some of that Cornhole slang so they will know you mean business.

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