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Custom Cornhole Wraps: How to Bring Your Old Boards to Life Again


There comes a time in every cornhole lover’s life when they realize their boards don’t look as great as they used to. It’s especially saddening when a great custom design has started to show its age. But have no fear. We have a solution for your aging cornhole board and how you can breathe new life into it once more: custom cornhole wraps!


Cornhole wraps are vinyl pieces that you can wrap around your cornhole board to create a unique design. The vinyl is easy to apply and can be ordered in a design based on your party theme, the décor of your home or any reason at all. Over time, a cornhole board will begin to lose its luster. Stained boards will begin to wear away the color or painted boards may start to chip. With vinyl wraps, you have the ability to update the look of your cornhole boards in any way you like. The wraps are made of quality material so you do not have to worry about them peeling off or the design diminishing.


With vinyl custom cornhole wraps, the options for design are virtually endless. At Custom Cornhole, LLC, you will find a nice selection of pre-made wraps to choose from in a number of colors. There is an Beach cornhole wrap category that features wraps that are bright and colorful. Choose the Flag category when you wish to have a wrap that is representative of where you are from. Getting married? Choose the Wedding category to see the best cornhole wraps to make your event a memorable one.


Because custom cornhole wraps are affordable, you can easily change up the look of your wraps whenever you like. If you like to use your cornhole boards on vacation, opt for a cool beach wrap before your trip. Having a 4th of July party? Wrap your cornhole platforms in the United States flag to enjoy a festive get together with a fun night of cornhole, BBQ, and fireworks. Your friends and family might think you have an endless collection of cornhole boards, but your secret’s safe with us!

Whatever you use your cornhole boards for, you will find a wrap for that occasion. You can simply choose a design to change up the look of your boards and enjoy a bright new way to play cornhole.

Don’t let your platforms look boring or begin to show signs of wear and tear. Have your boards wrapped so that you can enjoy a unique look and bring some new pizazz to your older boards.

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