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Customers Reviews:

"Thank you for the quick delivery. It is amazing. Thank you very much and best regards from Switzerland :)"

 Janine from Switzerland (11/19/18)

"You have been awesome, great customer service. I will be sure to write a review and spread the word."

Marissa from New Hampshire (11/9/18)

"We just completed making our boards with the wraps and we are in awe! Putting the final varnish coat on but couldn’t be more excited to give these as a gift to my brother. Can’t wait to see how they play but love the appearance. We have now decided to make more boards as gifts. Just wanted you to know how much we like the wraps."

Krista from Illinois (10/6/18)

"I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know we love our custom corn hole boards. Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly. We are looking forward to playing with them at many upcoming events. If we need more in the future we will reach out to you all again."

Aliese from Florida (9/18/18)

"I know this is quite late, but I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you for your help with this. I really appreciate your communication and your flexibility cancelling part of the order. The decals arrived quickly and look great on the boards. Thanks so much for your help."

Kevin from Connecticut (9/3/18)

"The quality of these wraps is second to none, they were easy to apply with no wrinkles or bubbles and the boards look fantastic. I'm sure the college kids will abuse them, but certain they will hold up nicely regardless."

Al from Pennsylvania (8/31/18)

"Received the boards on Saturday, thank you for making the delivery date.  I'm very impressed and happy with the quality of the product, looks excellent. Thank you again for making this an easy and pleasurable experience; I'll definitely be recommending you to others."

Dave from Kentucky (8/20/18)

"I just wanted to make you aware that our shipment arrived on Friday. Thank you so much for expediting things. Friday was the perfect day for it to arrive, as Saturday was the wedding day of the couple we were gifting it to. They absolutely love it! Thank you again so much! I will highly recommend your company!"

Scott from Massachusetts (8/13/18)

"Awesome job guys so stoked great quality and wraps went on easy!!!!"

Sean from Delaware (8/10/18)

"FYI - i get compliments about the boards ALL the time.  
Everyone asks me where i got them and i share your info. 
i hope they follow through and place orders!"

Colleen from Connecticut (7/26/18)

"The reason for the email is we have just received our set of boards, bags, and wraps. My husband and I would like to let you and your workers know we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. The boards are excellent quality as well as the bags. You have done an amazing job and I look forward to ordering from you again."

Jessica from New York (7/12/18)

"Thanks so much you have been so helpful. My customers have really had no complaints on your bags I order for them. I refer people to you guys for bags of the boards I build for quality customized bags."

Coleman from Texas (7/3/18)

"Thank you very much for replacing the wrap. We really like them. We also ordered bags and they are very nice. Thanks again for your great customer service."

Tracy from Pennsylvania (6/28/18)

"We just got the boards and I must say “THEY LOOK FANTASTIC “. They’re a big hit already and I only posted them 15 min ago!!! THANK YOU SO VERY FOR EVERYTHING!"

Diane from South Carolina (6/12/18)

"Your decals arrived Friday and man they are impressive.  Love the timeliness and the decals are great quality. Thanks"

Roger from Tennessee (6/12/18)

"We received our corn hole boards yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. They look great!"

Clarice from Virginia (6/1/18)

"We love our Cornhole appliqués and bean nailed it!!"

Lee from New Hampshire (5/15/18)

"OMG!  Thank you for such great service. I will give it to one of the neighbor kids.  I will be back if I need anything else, and will tell my friends about your site."

Steve from North Carolina (4/30/18)

"You guys do amazing work!! I will be sure to recommend to everyone. Thanks!"
Rich from New York (4/27/18)

"It looks awesome! I appreciate all the work you put into this. Your attention to detail is incredible. Make sure you ship some business cards with my order, as I know my buddies will be asking where I had this created at. I'll be more than happy to refer them your way."

Tim from California (4/25/18)

"I received my cornhole boards today. They are beautiful!! You guys did an awesome job. Thank you so much!"

Brittany from Pennsylvania (4/18/18)

"Thank you very much! Believe it or not, I put off ordering these bags for almost a year because I couldn't get the outside part of the image transparent. I finally gave up and decided to go ahead and place the order. You have no idea how happy I am that you exceeded my expectations."

Billie from West Virginia (4/12/18)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the boards and they are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!!!"

Julie from California (4/6/18)

"Thank you so much.  I am definitely going to proceed with the order from you guys once I am ready to make the purchase.  I really appreciate your help and answering all of my questions.  I checked out a few different companies but you have provided me with the most details and insight so I really appreciate that."

Corey from Massachusetts (4/4/18)

"I just received the boards.  They look so great!  Thank you so much for getting it to me on time.  I really appreciate everything!  Thank you again and have a great day!"

Mary from New Jersey (2/26/18)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help getting the boards made for Christmas and the awesome custom bags. They are absolutely incredible! Your designer did an outstanding job. My husband will be enjoying them as soon as the snow melts..I want to thank you again for everything you were a pleasure to work with!"

Jennifer from New York (12/28/17)

"I received my shipment today. I wanted to let you know they turned out even better than I had expected. They look fantastic. Thank you and your team for delivering!"

Dillon from Nebraska (09/19/17)

"I really appreciate all you have done.  I will be sure to show off my bags to all of my friends and squadron mates, as well recommend you guys to everyone.  Thanks again!"

Jason from Colorado (09/14/17)

"Just some feedback you might be interested in…..I emailed about 4 other companies requesting information and quotes. You were the fastest to respond and provided good information so we decided to go with your company."

Steve from Pennsylvania (08/24/17)

"We received the cornhole game today and we love it. Thanks so much!!"

April from Illinois (08/17/17)

"I wanted to send you a quick note - we received our cornhole boards with the wrap and we love it. Thank you for all your help."

Bert from Oxford (08/7/17)

"Received my boards yesterday. They are awesome. Thank you for your help."

Richard from New Jersey (08/03/17)

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know I received my cornhole set on friday! It's perfect, thank you again for working with me to create it!"

Kalene from Phoenix (07/31/17) 

"I just got my custom cornhole bags. I absolutely LOVE them. They look and feel fantastic.  Well done!"

Donavan from Virginia (07/28/17)

"I got the wraps, they look great and were very easy to install. Thank you very much for your help. I will have another order soon."

James from North Carolina (07/24/17)

"Thank you so much I really appreciate it! Your company is fantastic!! great customer service with fantastic products! I'm so glad I chose your site."

Melissa from Connecticut (07/23/17)

"I received the new branded cornhole games.  They look AWESOME!  Thank you."

Mark from Vermont  (07/17/17)

"I received the bags.  Very cool!  You guys did a great job and in a very expeditious manner.  I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future."

James from Virginia (07/07/17)

"Thanks for all your help. The tracking shows they were delivered today! I really appreciate it. You’ll definitely be my one-stop-shopping for everything related to corn hole games!"

Keith from Detroit (07/05/17)

"I want to thank you again... believe me your wraps will be the talk of lots of family outings and activities this summer... 

Thank You & Have a Wild & Wonderful 4th of July!!!"

Jim from Missouri (07/03/17)

"Just got the wraps. They are awesome. Thanks so much for expediting this order."

Ronnie from Tennessee (06/30/17)

"The boards arrived on time and are AWESOME. They were a huge hit at the family reunion. My brother-in-law brought his MSU boards but everyone wanted to play on our new boards. I handed out your web-site to over a dozen family members. I give you 10 stars out of 5."

Brook from Michigan (06/27/17)

"Your product arrived in time for our event and was a hit! Great quality. Timely service. Competitive price. All greatly appreciated."

Cameron from Virginia (06/25/17)

"I've shared your company info with my colleagues and we will definitely be recommending to our clients in the future!"

Sarah from California (06/22/17)

"Hello, just wanted to let you know I received the bags. The bags look great. Thank you for the very quick turn around on my order. I will definitely order again and recommend you. Feel free to use this recommendation on your site."

Leon from California (06/15/17)

"Just received my e mail stating they are ready to be shipped! Wow that was fast! I would like to share my story behind that design if you don't mind. My 17 year old daughter was in a head on car crash in Jan. She had a open wound broken kneecap an the EMT sat with her in the car while the firefighters used the jaws of life to get her out an the one EMT told her he would not leave her until he had to at the hospital. I just thought it was a great idea to give them a set of boards so they could play on there down time. So these bags for me make it a bit more personal an I must say you Jeff did an amazing job. Thank you so much it was a pleasure doing business with you. I will spread the word."

Tammy from Virginia (06/01/17)

"Wanted to let you know we got the bags today! They look awesome. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it all!!"

Candice from Washington (05/16/17)

"The boards arrived yesterday and look great. Can't wait to show them to the rest of our family.  It was a pleasure working with you."

Becca from New York (04/14/17)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the bags today and they are awesome. They exceeded my expectations and I love them. Can’t wait to take them to the tailgate parties and let them fly!"

Kevin from Pennsylvania (04/03/17)

“We received our custom thin blue line boards yesterday. We played all day today and absolutely love them. The design is exactly what we wanted. The craftsmanship is beautiful and it looks so professional. Thank you And a special thanks to Jeff who got back to me so quickly when I e-mailed him initially. You have a customer for life.”

Michele from Nevada (03/10/17)

“Being a company I just found on a google search, I was a little apprehensive. But I can say that these guys take care of business. Fast shipping. Frequent updates and awesome customer service. Emailed them with just an idea for a set of wraps and had a proof back in an hour. Fantastic job!!”

Chris from Maryland (03/08/17)

“Thank you for such a wonderful end product.  These boards were given as a gift yesterday and were a HUGE hit!!  Very nice!!”

Connie from Minnesota (02/14/17)

“Thank you so very much. Awesome job and i greatly appreciate the quick delivery. You have definitely got my business for the next time i need something.”

David from Virginia (12/17/16)

“Just want to say thank you for the boards. Everything about them is really great!”

Diane from California (10/11/16)

“Thanks for everything. My fiance loved the boards!!! Ya'll have done an awesome Job even though she refuses to play with them lol.”

William from North Carolina (9/27/16)

“Just wanted you to know I received my custom bags with our dog's face on them. They turned out great. They will really add to my hand painted boards. Thanks for your help. They are even better than I thought they would be."

Marianne from Florida (9/21/16)

“Boards and bags showed up this morning.  They look great!  Thank you again for getting this done so quickly!!”

Nubia from Georgia (8/22/16)

“Received the bags today and they look great. thank you!”

John from New York (8/15/16)

“Got them Saturday and got a couple on.   THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jason from Minnesota (8/8/16)

“I've been meaning to send this email for nearly two weeks and then because of travel and my sister's wedding I am just sending it now.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about you, your product, and your company.  The boards were absolutely perfect and were loved by the bride and groom (also a MAJOR hit with others)! I also can't thank you enough that the boards arrived right on time.  It really helped to lessen my stress during the week leading up to the wedding.  Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!”

Britta from Minnesota (8/5/16)

“You guys are awesome. Thank you. I appreciate the work you guys are doing and the fantastic customer service. Thanks again.”

Kevin from Pennsylvania (7/25/16)

“Thank you for all your concerns during this.  Customer satisfaction is evident with your company.  I will be sure to sing your praises whenever possible.”

Steve from Massachusetts (6/24/16)

“My boards look awesome!!! Thanks for your hard work I will for sure be using you in the future!”

Taylor from Minnesota (6/22/16)

“I received my package yesterday and I just want to thank you. They are perfect and they arrived in time for Father’s day. You guys are awesome! We are having a Father’s day get-together this weekend and they will be getting broken in. They are perfect and I’ll make sure to tell any friends and family where I got them because I know they will be asking. J Have a wonderful weekend!”

Rachel from Minnesota (6/17/16)

“I just wanted to let you know my son loved his Sharks cornhole! Thank you so much for all your help. I have passed your name along with the strongest of recommendations!”

Mary Ann from California (5/13/16)

“Cornhole came today and I am beyond obsessed!  Love it!  Thanks so much.”

Heather from Massachusetts (5/11/16)

"Extremely satisfied with the product and service. The cornhole boards look amazing… thanks to you and your team! I will try my best to let people know about your company."

Bengson from California (4/19/16)

"Thank you for such beautiful work! My boyfriend was VERY pleased and delivery made it right on time for his Valentines Day present!"

Stephanie from South Carolina (2/15/16)

"My niece received her boards yesterday, she was beyond excited!!!  Thank you for doing an amazing job!!!!"

Kim from Florida (2/1/16)

"We just opened the boards, and they are amazing! Such high quality and attention to detail. We appreciate the carrying bag for the bean bags as well. Thank you for your prompt service and the amazing product."

Pamela from California (12/20/15)

"We have heard from a few people and they were so surprised and love it. Thank you for shepherding this order for us. From the very beginning I felt like we were in great hands."

Tina from Georgia (12/18/15)

"Our bags arrived today & they're great!  Thank you so much!!!!  Happy holidays!!!"

Cheryl from Massachusetts (12/17/15)

"The boards came in on Friday, and they are absolutely amazing.  We are honestly in awe over the detail and how perfectly these are done.  I will tell any and everyone who is asking to order from y'all.  I live in SC, and Cornhole is very popular around here!  Thank you again for the beautiful family crest boards.  Christmas came early! :)"

Amanda from South Carolina (12/14/15)

"The bags are perfect.  So glad we found you."

JoAnn from Virginia (12/12/15)

"I just received my laminates they are exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much for professionalism."

"David from Wisconsin (12/11/15)

"Just a quick thanks on your customer service.  I will recommend your company to all of my colleagues, and we will order from you again as well.  Your level of concern for customers has not been my experience with other companies recently.  Thanks for being different."

Travis from North Carolina (12/8/15)

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for getting the boards done so well and delivered at the exact time promised. The boards are amazing, and my boyfriend loves them!! I really can't thank you enough!!! I will most definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know!!"

Dorothy from Maryland (10/1/15)

"Custom Cornhole is the BEST for quality and personalized boards.  The customer service alone is legendary and am thinking of how many more i could order as gifts.  There are many sites out there for corn hole sets but the workmanship and connection between the client from Jeff is beyond amazing.  Thank you again so much - I HIGHLY recommend.  Happy Tossing indeed!"

Allison from South Carolina (8/8/15)

"Thanks so much for such fast service!  I love the way the boards turned out. Your attention to detail is awesome. You followed my specific instructions to A T.  I am so impressed with the quality of your work. Thank you so much!  This may be the hit of the wedding."

Kathy from New York (8/6/15)

"The package i refered to in my last email was found. It was the corn hole bags that i had ordered. Thank you very much for the product they look and feel outstanding. The Marines and Sailors of Camp Mujuk, South Korea are very thankful for them."

Tyler from Armed Forces Pacific (8/1/15)

"We received the custom cornhole set today and it looks fantastic!   Thanks again for your help and apologies for my frantic emails earlier.  I was nervous that we wouldn't receive it in time for the wedding but we're all good.  Thanks so much for your help!"

Robert from New York (7/25/15)

"Thank you so much for getting back to me. I must admit that I am extremely impressed with the level of service and product that we have received! You have a life long customer in me, and I want you to know that I have passed on your website to all in my circle of friends!"

Brian from Florida (7/1/15)

"Received the bags today. We really like them. I have already shown them to my neighbor who gave me the boards. Thanks for a great experience."

Jerry from Ohio (6/28/15)

"Got the boards in today.  They're great thank you so much for the hard work and helping me create them."

Bobby from Virginia (6/25/15)

"I just wanted to tell you how much our son loved the custom Cal Poly corn hole set.  The craftsmanship, and quality are better than expected, and I would recommend your sight any time.  Thank you for getting it to us in perfect time too!"

Christina from California (6/23/15)

"Received the bean bags, they are so awesome!"

Heather from Michigan (6/15/15) 

"The boards arrived today and look great!  Will be ordering another set shortly."

George from Virginia (5/20/15)

“I just finally opened up the corn hole set I received and my boyfriend absolutely loved it! It is really well-made and beautifully designed. Thanks for the awesome product!”

Alexandra from Austin, Texas (5/9/15)

"I received the bags today and wanted to take a quick minute to thank you.  I love what I received, especially the extra touch of the carrying bags A++!"

Evelis from North Carolina (4/25/15)

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cornhole boards!!"

Jana from Arkansas (4/21/15)

"Just wanted you to know that my Az Corn hole arrived just in time today. It is fabulous!!  So much nicer and bigger than expected. We purchased it for the silent auction at our Valley Christian High School auction. I'm sure it will get lots of attention. Thank you so much for expediting the delivery."

Lisa from Arizona (4/6/15)

"I just received the custom corn hole set and everything looks great! Couldn't be happier!"

Erica from California (3/31/15)

"The custom cornhole boards and custom bags are out of this world. Thank you great job!"

Jim from Colorado (3/17/15)

"Wanted to say thank you, and that the bags look amazing, I will be a returning customer in the near future."

Tyler from Florida (2/25/15)

"Yippy skippy, thank you very much.  It's a surprised for my kids who live in Florida.  The have season tickets to the soccer games. You have gone above customer service protocol and I appreciate it greatly.  Thank you."

Sonja from Virginia (2/20/15)

"Thank you for the replacement corn hole board.  We received it today and it looks great.  I can’t wait to give them to my husband for his birthday."

Tamara from Virginia (2/6/15)

"Our custom cornhole bags arrived yesterday and they look fantastic.  Thank you!  Will make for a great party."

Pamela from Virginia (2/1/15)

"We just received the corn hole set and they look awesome!"

Ed from Las Vegas, NV (1/30/15)

"Thanks again for all your help and the great job incorporating my design wishes!"

David from Virginia (12/20/14)

"Just received bags...they're pretty awesome! Wife is happy, will be a hit for in laws Christmas gift with the boards that I built. Thanks Merry Christmas!"

Chuck from Florida (12/13/14)

"Hey Jeff the set came in this week.. It is Great Thanks so Much!"

Laurel from Colorado (12/1/14)

"Just received my bags yesterday, they look awesome and y'all did a great job. Thanks very much."

Ronnie from Georgia (11/20/14)

"Just got them in… they look great! They’re already a big hit just from unpacking them!"

Jessica from Colorado (10/22/14)

"Thank you!  I received the boards a few days ago.  They are so lovely!  I will be giving them to my husband tonight.  Thank you again."

Kendra from Virginia (10/4/14)

"Just wanted to say thank you! The boards were here for my husband's party and they look great! Everyone asked about them and I told them about your site and your excellent customer service!"

Sandra from Georgia (9/17/14) 

"I would like to say a big thank you for the replacement bags. You have a loyal customer."

Sergio from California (9/6/14)

"We received the boards today and they look great. We’re very pleased!"

Chris from Maryland (8/25/14)

"I let my husband open the gift early, and he LOVES the boards! Thanks so much for doing such a good job with the design. I was surprised at how fast you got them made and shipped out!"

Sara from Missouri

"The cornhole set was a huge hit at the BBQ.  Thanks so much for making a Monday AM delivery."

Dominic from Vancouver, WA.

"Your customer service has been amazing and I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly throughout the whole process."

Jessica from Massachusetts

"Jeff - got the boards today!! L-O-V-E them, thank you!   :D"

Connie from North Carolina

"Received the boards today and my husband LOVES them!!!  A HUGE thank you to you and your team for fast and efficient service!"

Jenna from North Carolina

"Thanks man, that was incredibly fast! Doing business with you has been one of the best online shopping experience I have had to date. I am very impressed!"

Max from Virginia

"The boards are AMAZING!!!! Working with Jeff was so easy, and he and the Cornhole team produced EXACTLY what I wanted, and more! I ordered the boards on a Sunday and got it 5 days later, and for only $40.00 for shipping, I was extremely impressed! Thank you so much for creating a board that will last a husband will be SO excited when he sees it! 

A special thanks to Jeff and the Design team for working with me every day to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for!

A great team, a great business, and a great product...couldn't ask for more!"

Jenna from New York

"Your quality on the American Eagle cornhole bags are amazing! The picture of the eagle is so realistic! I am extremely satisfied with the bags. Thank you very much."

Ashton from Florida

"I know I've said it before, but I want to thank you once again for your service in helping us come up with a great custom cornhole set.  I appreciate you being so prompt with getting back to me; wonderful customer service."

Erica from Tennessee

"We just got out FFA bags and they look awesome!!!!  Thanks again!!!"

Lauren from Maryland

"Got the Cornhole boards unwrapped and they look amazing! Really impressed with your work and excited to play with new boards."

Mark from California

"Just wanted you to know that the cornholes arrived at my sister-in-law's house last week.  She was thoroughly impressed with the tops of the boards and how well the design turned out!

I have dealt with numerous people in various customer services lately, and I have to say, you have nailed it!!  I appreciate you!"

Erica from Tennessee

"Just wanted you to know we got our order today and they look great! Can't wait to play....thanks so much!"

Natalie from Pennsylvania

"I just want to tell u how delighted I am with the set. They turned out amazing. My husband absolutely loves them. Already had so many people asking where I got them made. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. I will gladly tell them your website."

Ann from South Carolina

"Thanks! That is very generous of you.  Frankly, this is the best customer service i have experienced in a long, long time."

Richard from North Carolina

"Just wanted to send you a quick note.....your design is awesome!!!!  Came out even better than I thought it would!!   We love the "throw back retro" stripes!!! We are having a blast with this at our "Lazy L Lodge"!  Thank you so much for your efforts in creating the perfect Cornhole for our family!!!"

Julie from Texas