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Custom Cornhole Decals Have Helped Me Grow My Business

The industry in which I have chosen to make my living is only as good as the effort I put into it. I find my clients any way I can. I knock on doors, do a lot of business to business networking and rent booths at trade shows trying to draw people in. I used [...]

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A Customized Cornhole Game Can Be A Favorite At Your Neighborhood Carnival

This last summer our neighborhood held a fund raising carnival for a resident who has been through some really difficult times over the last couple of years. The carnival was our way of helping her get a leg up on life. We had food, candy and drinks donated by a local grocery store. We had [...]

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Custom Cornhole Decals

My kid’s school holds a carnival every year to raise money for the teachers. The money raised from this school carnival goes toward school supplies. They also raise money for materials in the library as well as computers for their technology center. The school is also in need of some upgrades in the classrooms such [...]

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You Can Make Customized Cornhole Boards With Material You Get From The Lumber Yard

Customized cornhole boards are today what crafted horseshoe pits were fifty years ago. Cornhole is a game that is often played at tailgating parties. It has the advantage of being easy to transport and easy to setup.Customized cornhole boards are easy to make if you are comfortable using power tools like saws and drills. It [...]

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Customized Cornhole Boards and Bags

For those who like to play cornhole, having a good cornhole board is important. The board must be sturdy, and it must be made for the game. But perhaps most importantly, it must be customized for the game theme that you want to play. No matter that the use of your board, you need a customized cornhole board (from [...]

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Cornhole: Its History and Heritage

What Is Cornhole? 
 A tailgate game of many names - some more family-friendly than others - cornhole is a simple, competitive, and addictive addition to any outdoor party. Depending on where you come from, some in the family might call it soft horseshoes, bean bag toss, or something ... else. In keeping with the trend [...]

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